Saturday, April 13, 2019

Spring Spruce Up !

Is your kitchen in need of an update but you don't have a big budget for a total kitchen remodel?

It just needs a little updating....a fresh new look?

Well there are many little things you can do for a quick Spring Spruce Up !

First - try replacing your cabinetry's hardware.  Just swapping out outdated pulls will give your Kitchen a fresh new looking without spending a lot of money !  Change the color, style & finish and see what a difference it makes.

Have a little extra $$ still in your budget?   A fresh coat of paint in a new bright Spring color will also give your Kitchen a brand new look for not a lot of money.  Break away from boring tans and beige and go for a bright Yellow or Blue.

Image result for images of yellow painted kitchens

Image result for images of yellow painted kitchens

Speaking of painting...... While your painting your kitchen walls, how about painting your outdated worn cabinets too !!  Giving them new life in a complimentary color to totally revitalize and modernize the look of your kitchen.

Still want to splurge and give your Kitchen a beautiful new look?   How about replacing your countertop?  Updating your countertop will not only add beauty but functionality as well.  Granite or Quartz countertops are scratch and heat resistant (but you should still use a pot holder or trivet when putting anything extremely hot on them)!  Maintenance free and will last for years.

A recent customer transformed her kitchen from dull and dingy to bright and gorgeous by painting her old oak cabinets in a Champagne Color, walls in Light Gray, and installed a Sapphire Blue Granite Counter top.....What do you think.....Fabulous transformation?  Ready for Spring?



Sunday, March 17, 2019

Farmhouse sink or regular under-mount sink?

Farmhouse (or Apron-Front) sinks are becoming very popular. So what is better - Farmhouse sink or regular under-mount sink?

Well that's really a matter of personal preference and cost.

A regular under-mount sink will accentuate and compliment your cabinets and countertop, while a Farmhouse sink will become a focal point in your kitchen.

Image result for images of farmhouse sinks

Like regular under-mount sinks, Farmhouse sinks come in a variety of materials, styles and sizes.  Farmhouse sinks can be made out of fireclay or porcelain, copper, stainless steel, enameled cast iron, marble and more.  They are often deeper and wider than traditional under-mount sinks.  They rarely have a divider (but some do) making it easier to wash large items and you don't have to worry about water splashing all over !

Related image

If you are thinking of putting a Farmhouse sink in your kitchen some advanced planning is needed.  A Farmhouse sink can be very large and very heavy.  You may need to do some carpentry and plumbing work if you are planning on keeping your current cabinets or you may need to purchase a special size cabinet if buying new to accommodate your Farmhouse sink. Your countertop will need to be replaced - at least around your sink area due to the install.  Also, if you plan on having a garbage disposal, you will need to purchase an extended flange because most Farmhouse sinks are extra thick adding a little extra cost to your project.

Whichever style sink you choose, I'm sure it will be a beautiful part of your new kitchen !

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Red - Hot or Not?


Red is an intense color that brings out strong emotions in people.  It can create feelings of excitement, intense passion, love, strong desire, longing but it can also create feelings of anger, rage and be a sign of danger !

When I think of the color Red, it makes me feel strong, energized, excited & confident.  Wearing Red like a "power suit" with a bold Red tie or a sexy Red dress makes a statement of someone who exudes confidence and power.

You can find Red used in common phrases and sayings like:

"Paint the Town Red" - meaning have fun, celebrate & party !

"Red Carpet Treatment" - being pampered and made to feel special like a VIP.

"Seeing Red" - to be come angry with heated emotions

"Red Flag" - a warning signal, danger proceed with caution

Red is used to symbolize LOVE from Red Hearts to Cupid.....that little Devil !

One thing for sure, Red is never boring and a little Red can go a long way in your home.

A couple of big Red Chairs or Red wall art in your living room can make a bold statement.

Using Red accessories like Red Canisters, Vases, Towels, can add a little fire to your Kitchen.

Red curtains in your Bathroom can set the mood for romance....even if you are alone.  When the light comes through the window creating a soft Red glow, light some candles and take a relaxing bath with a glass of Red Wine and your favorite romance novel and feel the passion grow.

Experiment with the color Red this Valentines Day and see what feelings Red brings out in you!  Maybe surprise your loved one with a beautiful Red Ruby?

Thursday, January 10, 2019

A "Hygge" Kitchen - Creating a Cozy Kitchen

A customer told me about the word "Hygge" - meaning cozy.

How can you incorporate a hygge-like feeling in your kitchen you ask?

The true spirit of hygge is about creating a space that feels cozy and inviting, so whether you're cooking, socializing or simply going about your every day life, you feel comfy and cozy in your kitchen.

Think soft lighting.  Dim the lights and light some candles!

Think about alternate lighting to bring warmth into your kitchen.  Add some natural lighting by adding a sky light (if possible) or pulling back curtains and adding sheers to your windows to let natural light flow into your cozy space.

Also, introduce a soft color pallet into your kitchen.  It doesn't have to mean repainting or a total remodel.  By adding a few accessories like vases, plants, place mats and napkins you can create a warm inviting place to spend time with your family and friends.  Throw a blanket over one of your kitchen chairs so it will be handy to snuggle up in while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. Be sure to keep things simple though, the idea of creating a hygge kitchen is minimal and simplistic finishing touches.

You may want to add "natural" elements and bring nature inside!  Use a branch or natural wood to hang your dish towels or hang your pots and pans.  Using natural stone or bricks for a backsplash will introduce different textures and neutral colors into your kitchen while adding beauty and a feeling of peace and tranquility.

"The kitchen is the heart of the home".  Create a calm, serene atmosphere not only for cooking, but for entertaining and spending time together with your family and friends.