Sunday, January 7, 2018

Bathroom Vanity Ideas for 2018

Welcome the new year... with a new bathroom! We've been getting a lot of customers lately who have been looking to replace their outdated vanities with new sleek, modern, and functional counter spaces! Below are some vanity options we offer that are always in stock, so you don't have to go through the process of shopping around for remnants!

New Venetian Gold Granite

This New Venetian Gold granite is a bathroom vanity classic. Its cream color is attractive and conventional, and the range of browns it offers pair well with both dark and light cabinetry, as well as a myriad of floor and backsplash options.

Rococo Quartz by Viatera

Rococo quartz, sold by Viatera, is the perfect cost-effective alternative to marble. It's light color and subtle, yet distinctive pattern makes it an ideal candidate for clean, white, and luxurious bathroom spaces.

Berwyn Quartz by Cambria

If you are looking for a more intense pattern for your bathroom space, Berwyn sold by Cambria is a great quartz option. Though its pattern is distinct, it remains light in color, which means it easily pairs with many cabinet and floor colors and styles. Place it on top of dark cabinets, as shown in the picture above, or add it to an all-white bathroom to bring attention to its unique pattern and sparkle. Berwyn also pairs nicely with orange-stained maple cabinets for a modern, yet classic bathroom look.

Parys Quartz by Cambria

For those who are interested in installing a darker vanity, Parys sold by Cambria is a great quartz option. Despite its dark shade, its unique pattern and reflective sparkle keeps any bathroom feeling light and open. Pair it with white cabinets, as shown above, to truly make it pop!

We hope you enjoyed this sneak preview of different vanity options for your bathroom remodel! Stay tuned for next month's post where we'll dive into a new kitchen or bathroom remodel topic. Until then!!