Sunday, February 9, 2014

Love Your Kitchen Again with Easy Care Granite!

This February at Kitchen Concepts we are showcasing gorgeous Delicatus Granite at 10% off! Delicatus is a popular granite due to its natural veining and shades of grey, gold and black, which match a variety of cabinet colors and door styles. The most common question we get here in the showroom is, "isn't granite hard to care for?" Let us put your minds to ease and share with you some great Delicatus granite kitchens and explain how to easily care for your new countertops!
Granite is a natural material, meaning, this is a solid material that is quarried from the earth in a solid block and sliced and polished into the countertops we have come to love. It consists mainly of quartz, mica, and feldspar which gives granite the differing flecks, veins and sparkles that make it really stand out in a kitchen. Delicatus (sometimes called: Kodiak, Romano Delicatus, Delicatus Hiperion, Delicatus White, Juparana Delicatus and Delicatus Gold) has a creamy white to grey background with veins of black, gold, grey, and sometimes peach or orange running though it. This means it is mostly neutral colors and can be matched with a variety of kitchen styles. Try pairing Delicatus White with all white cabinets for a clean, timeless look:
These are Raised Door style cabinets which give a more traditional look. You could use a flat Shaker door if your style is more modern or you want a farmhouse look.

Use Delicatus White granite with wood cabinets to lighten the room. The hints of gold and rust in some slabs bring out rich wood tones beautifully:

Delicatus even works well against strong colors in a kitchen:

The wonderful news is that with granite becoming so popular in recent years, many major cleaning product makers have created their popular products in granite safe formulas.
The main thing to remember when cleaning your countertops is to wipe up spills (which you probably do already) and not to clean with any products that are abrasive or acidic, as these will break down the factory applied sealer already on your counter. If you are transitioning from an old laminate counter to granite, the maintenance and care needed for granite is not that different! And granite counters will add so much beauty and interest to your kitchen you will enjoy them for a long, long time!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

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