Monday, October 22, 2012


Does your family all come to you for the holidays? Do you have a tiny kitchen that you can barely do what you need it? Is it hard cooking for so many in such a small place?
Why not come down and see what we can do to make your kitchen more functional! It's hard enough to cook for everyone and entertain at the same time so why not make it easier by having a kitchen that gives you the space you need to get everything done!
How about adding a peninsula to your kitchen with a raised bar so while your mincing and chopping this Thanksgiving or Christmas you can talk with some of your family while you work. They'll be out of the way and you wont miss out on all those funny family stories because you'll be right in the middle of them!
Come down and talk with Ellen or Kate about how easy it is to remodel if you work with people who believe in having the job done right the first time!