Saturday, March 26, 2016

All About Backsplaches

All About Backsplashes

When designing a kitchen there are so many things to think about and coordinate. Often times backsplashes are the last detail to addressed in finishing off your new kitchen. It can be overwhelming to select the right backsplash and then you have the task of deciding how much you want in the kitchen.  Don't worry we have some tips for you.

How do you know what to pick?  Where do you start looking?
1.  If you are installing granite with pattern your best bet it to continue the granite up the wall or go with a solid color.  Try to stay away from a patterned tile with a patterned granite. Think about what you want you focal point to be in the kitchen. To much pattern can be very distracting in the kitchen.

2. If you go with a solid color or very light pattern counter top of quartz or laminate the sky is the limit with a patterned backsplash.

Where should the backslash end? 
1. Most backsplashes end at the end of the counter.  Some people just put the backsplash behind the stove and sink. Other people decide to have the backsplash end with the cabinets. It is all preference.  Ending the backsplash with the counter tends to look cleaner.
2. There is NO need to round a corner with your backsplash unless there is a water source.  It is preference where it will end.  Below you will notice the top picture stays flush against the wall. The bottom picture round the corner. There is no real reason for that.  The stove isn't that close to cause splashing.  It is all preference.

Some people go for a focal point.  Here is one example.
Image result for kitchens with backsplashes
Other people want different textures in their kitchen.

Here is  link to give you some ideas for backsplashes to go with granite

What is the right look for you?  There are so many choices but have fun and don't let all the choices overwhelm you.  Good luck!