Thursday, September 28, 2017

Oak, Maple, and Cherry Cabinet Appearances

Compare the appearances of oak, maple, and cherry cabinets!

This blog post showcases the varied appearances of maple, cherry and oak cabinets. We’ve covered the pros and cons of maple, cherry, and oak cabinets, as well as the pros and cons of pine, hickory and alder. So now let’s talk about what’s really important… The differences in their aesthetic appearance!


Natural and Light Stained Oak

This San Francisco home showcases natural oak in all its beauty, bringing together different variations of natural oak throughout the floors, cabinets, and ceiling. The prominent grain pattern and orange and yellow shades of the hardwood make the space feel calm, cozy, and warm.

Dark Stained Oak

The course texture of these dark-stained oak cabinets adds a unique twist to a fairly contemporary kitchen.


Natural and Light-Stained Maple

The light color and subtle grain pattern of these natural oak cabinets give this kitchen a peaceful and luxurious feel.

Dark Stained Maple

Go from classic to contemporary with just a little change in staining! Maple's soft grain pattern and smooth surface makes the wood type a great option for any design aesthetic!


Natural and Light Stained Cherry

Luxurious natural cherry cabinets offer a sleek, elegant and modern feel.

Dark Stained Cherry

Dark-stained cherry looks high-end and pairs well with grey counter tops!

Thanks for reading! Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!