Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Pros and Cons of Remodeling

The age old question: Should I do it myself?

The larger the remodel being undertaken, the more likely you will benefit from professional help.
Remodeling your kitchen can have a serious impact on both its use and on the resale value of your home. A new kitchen looks great, functions in a way that suits your lifestyle and can become a source of happiness that you seek every day. But undertaking a remodel is a serious job in and of itself. There are professionals available to help you with the work, but like every decision, there are pros and cons to whether or not to use a pro.

Pro: Material Selection

Kitchen designers, plumbers and builders work with building materials such as cabinets and countertops every day. They are aware of the quality of materials available, and which materials are most suitable for your particular design. Hiring a professional ensures that not only is your kitchen design cohesive, but you use the proper materials for the job. Professionals also know the correct way to install these materials, so you know the quality of the job is solid from selection to installation. 

Pro: Building Code Knowledge

Unless your kitchen remodel is something as simple as replacing the cabinet knobs, you may be required to pull a permit before you begin work. This is true whether you undertake the work yourself, or you hire a professional. Pulling a permit means everything done in the kitchen must meet building code and pass inspection once you are done. All remodeling professionals, including designers and builders, are familiar with and current on state building, electrical, and plumbing codes. They can help you place electrical and plumbing fixtures in the correct areas so the finished design passes inspection. Undertaking the work yourself means you run the risk of failing inspection and needing to redo much of the work. Which of course means more money, time and project frustration.

Con: Cost

The biggest con for some homeowners is the extra cost by using professionals. Most kitchen remodels involve a designer, builder, plumber, electrician and tile person. If you are comfortable with your design, demolition, carpentry, plumbing and electric skills, and ability to find high quality materials, you can bypass this cost by doing the work yourself. 

Obviously, the cost of a professional kitchen remodel will be higher than it would if you undertake the work yourself. But most homeowners will admit that a project of this size is stressful and can be very hard for most homeowners to stay on track and avoid mistakes. Most homeowners feel more satisfied doing updates such as paint, upgrading appliances, and refreshing cabinet hardware.

A true kitchen remodel is usually best left to the pros. It's a huge project that involves many steps and years of experience. You are paying for their expertise and the convenience of having someone do the heavy work for you. Getting it done right the first time can be worth its weight in gold.

Con: Time

Another con of using professionals is the timeline. As soon as you contract with professionals, you work on their timeline, rather than on your own. This may mean delays while the professionals finish up another job, or it may mean a wait for each of the various stages to be completed. Doing the work yourself also allows you to undertake it piecemeal; replacing or remodeling a section of the kitchen at a time to try to keep the rest of the space usable or in our case, the professionals at Kitchen Concepts average two weeks to get the job done whereas most others take between four and six weeks and most homeowners between three months and fourteen months to complete their remodel.

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