Sunday, September 18, 2016

Cabinet Hardware

How Do I Know What is the Right Hardware for My Cabinets?

When it comes to hardware it is personal preference. Think of hardware like jewelry for your cabinets. What is your kitchen type? Is it Traditional, Mission, Rustic, Contemporary, Artistic, Farmhouse, Asian inspired, Mineral (rock) look, retro, Tuscan, etc.  There are pulls and knobs to fit any style and preference.  Search the web and get some ideas. You will be holding these knobs and pulling these pulls time and time again they need to feel right as well as look right.  If you are going to order on line you may want to order one set to get the feel, see how you like the look and functionality.

                Rustic                                     Traditional                                       

         Contemporary                                  Rock On                                      

               Artistic                                          Mission

               Farmhouse                                Asian Inspired                             

              Tuscan                                          Retro

                 More Fun                                  Do-It-Yourself
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As you look at options, think about walking around your kitchen and the types of clothing you wear. Will your clothing get caught on these knobs or pulls?  This is a really important factor that many people don't think about.  Many of us think about the look but not the functionality,  Think about that favorite sweater or that favorite pair of flowing pants. You would hate for them to get caught on a pull or knob and tear.  Hardware is an investment and something you are going to look at for many years.  

Here at Kitchen Concepts one of our most popular lines is  A current popular trend is the elongated stainless steel drawer pulls.  It is a modern and contemporary look showing clean lines..  Just updating your knobs and pulls can transform your kitchen.  Start looking into new knobs and pulls that are just right for you.


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