Thursday, July 26, 2018

Cambria quartz, is it right for your kitchen or bathroom remodel?

We have quartz counter tops by Cambria. They come in so many gorgeous styles and colors! The debate has raged about which is better, Granite or Quartz. So let's talk about why Quartz may or may not be right for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. While quartz is technically fabricated into slabs for use, it is 97% real quartz, the rest is made up of binder and pigment.

Lets go over the Pro's of Cambria quartz:
Color selection, quartz has an incredible color and design selection, here are some of the 140+ colors and styles Cambria offers

  1. Replication, quartz can be made over and over in the same pattern.
  2. Non porous, never needs to be sealed.
  3. Stain resistant, while Granite is also stain resistant, quartz is more so.
  4. Sparkle! Quartz has natural sparkle in it.
  5. Natural, 97% real quartz.
  6. Made in the U.S.A. family owned and operated.
  7. Because it's non porous, it won't harbor dangerous bacteria.
  8. Cambria Quartz is a family owned and operated business and has the latest technology to create exclusive colors and designs. Cambria has over 140 designs and styles of counter tops. 
  9. Cambria exclusively makes larger slabs than competitors to you get 1 piece seamless finish for large kitchen islands in most cases.

Why would you not want quartz? Cons:
  1. Can be damaged by rapid temperature changes
  2. Heat damage, not suggested to put hot pots directly on it.
  3. Price, most quartz will be more expensive than the cheaper granite's.
However given all the pro's you get from buying Cambria quartz, it far out weighs the few cons.

We have so many beautiful colors and styles of Granite in stock it may be difficult for you to choose which one you want for your kitchen or bathroom remodel!

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