Thursday, January 10, 2019

A "Hygge" Kitchen - Creating a Cozy Kitchen

A customer told me about the word "Hygge" - meaning cozy.

How can you incorporate a hygge-like feeling in your kitchen you ask?

The true spirit of hygge is about creating a space that feels cozy and inviting, so whether you're cooking, socializing or simply going about your every day life, you feel comfy and cozy in your kitchen.

Think soft lighting.  Dim the lights and light some candles!

Think about alternate lighting to bring warmth into your kitchen.  Add some natural lighting by adding a sky light (if possible) or pulling back curtains and adding sheers to your windows to let natural light flow into your cozy space.

Also, introduce a soft color pallet into your kitchen.  It doesn't have to mean repainting or a total remodel.  By adding a few accessories like vases, plants, place mats and napkins you can create a warm inviting place to spend time with your family and friends.  Throw a blanket over one of your kitchen chairs so it will be handy to snuggle up in while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. Be sure to keep things simple though, the idea of creating a hygge kitchen is minimal and simplistic finishing touches.

You may want to add "natural" elements and bring nature inside!  Use a branch or natural wood to hang your dish towels or hang your pots and pans.  Using natural stone or bricks for a backsplash will introduce different textures and neutral colors into your kitchen while adding beauty and a feeling of peace and tranquility.